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Brutality of India on innocent kashmiris faced a retort by china in ladakh || Latest Breaking News From Kashmir

Brutality of India on innocent kashmiris faced a retort by china in ladakh

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Latest news from Kashmir, The Indian government and its media are being scorned worldwide for their very inverse methods of taking care of versatile Chinese soldiers in Ladakh and the unarmed individuals in involved Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian powers dispatch crackdown on Kashmiri villages According to ,Indian Army that kills innocent Kashmiris and demolishes towns upon towns on the guise of only a little assault by mujahideen in any piece of the involved domain is dead quiet over the loss of more than its 50 warriors incorporating officials with 20 affirmed dead on account of the Chinese soldiers during a go head to head in Galwan Valley in Ladakh on Monday night.

Be that as it may, the quiet kept up by the Indian government, armed force and the media has made the nation a fool among the comity of countries. Indeed, even some Indian channels and papers while portraying the 'ghus kar marayn gay [We'll meddle and murder you]' talk of the Modi-drove bureau clergymen and torch Hindu stays against Pakistan especially after Pulwama assault, have begun censuring similar individuals over such embarrassment of Indian armed force, curiously, inside the land, which is asserted by India and now is in the control of the Chinese soldiers. Indian restriction, as well, is reprimanding the Modi system for this shame for India.

The report additionally makes reference to another test to India by its moderately extremely little neighbor, Nepal and derives that the ruin of India under BJP's fundamentalist system has begun. It says that the China's activity in Ladakh has landed India in a predicament circumstance.

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